Get involved with, ask questions about, and visit our farms!!

Here are a few photos from a recent excursion I made.  We have the unique ability to learn with our hands and get some dirt under our fingernails + learn with our minds and think through how we plan on feeding a world that will approach nine billion people in the next few decades.

As a school, we are really well equipped to look at the human ecology of food.

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Great Duck Island Excursion

Holding a Gull

Holding a Gull

On Monday, July 25th I had the opportunity to zip out to Great Duck Island, visit students and get to know their projects a bit, and haul some much needed batteries out to the station (3000 lbs worth, I might add.  The old ones can no longer hold the charge from the solar arrays on the island).

These ‘outer islands’ are AMAZING – we are so lucky to have them and I wholeheartedly encourage you all to get to know them first hand.

We were lucky to have about the calmest day imaginable. The water was glass.

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