Covid-19 and the Start of the Fall Term

We find ourselves in strange times, but a baseline COVID-19 test for the entire COA community is one way we can best manage to have a great fall term. There’s nothing to worry about — no deep nasal cavity “brain tickling” swab. These are supervised, self-administered shallow nasal swabs. I did my first test today at 10:30 out on the front lawn. It took all of three minutes and ten easy steps.

Step 1: Approach the tent
Step 2: Read the signed follow the directions

Step 3: Approach the kind person and say hello (Dean of Students, Sarah Luke, in this case).

Step 4: Fill out the consent form, blow your nose, wash your hands

Step 5: Check your dat with the kind person and be assigned a test tube

Step 6: Take your vial and move to next table

Step 7: Approach next kind person (Nurse, Barbara Logue), say hello, and take your swab.

Step 8: Swirl swab in right nostril and then left (will save you from those images)

Step 9: Insert your swab (soft side down) into your vial and place in the collection tray.

Step 10: Exit the tent and wash your hands on the way out.

That’s it. Ten easy stages. From here, our team collects and counts all the vials, a courier picks them up (1pm for today’s round of testing) and brings them directly to The Broad in Cambridge, Mass. In 24 hours we get a report.


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