40for40 Expedition: Instructions for Support Vehicle

On Thursday morning at 1:30am I’ll begin what I’ve come to call a “mission-appropriate stunt,” a trans-Mount Desert Island hike that will cover 43 miles and to the summit of 40 peaks. I’m doing it for fun, yes, but also to help inspire COA alumni to make a donation to our annual fund.  Upon hearing the idea, one generous alumna pledged $40,000 of support IF a) we pass the 40% mark and b) I complete the hike.  The walk will be supported by a vehicle and driver (COA student Ursa Beckford).  Here’s the itinerary.  I’ll be using #40for40 as a way to mark my progress.

40for40 Expedition, V.3.

Instructions for Support Vehicle

  • Wake up at 1:00am, drive to Eagle Lake Road to grab DC at 1:25am, depart for launch at 1:30
  • Drive to Seal Cove Road and take first left; at split drop DC off. He runs up to Bald Mountain-1 and back – shouldn’t take longer than 15 min.
  • At 2:15 DC back in car and drive to Western Ledge Trail, drop DC off by 2:30am. He leaves to do Bernard Mtn.-2, Knight Nubble-3, Mansell-4, Beech Mtn-5, Beech Cliffs-6.
  • 5:00am, be at end of Beech Hill Rd, Beech Hill parking area. He will be coming down from Beech Cliffs and should be at bottom by 5:15.
  • Drive with DC to Flying Mtn. drop off at end of Fernald Point Rd. Recharge watch and phone during trip. Refuel/water/food/rest.
  • 5:45am DC begins Flying Mt-7, Valley Peak-8, St Saveur-9, and Acadia Mtn.-10 stretch.
  • Be at Acadia Mt. TRAILHEAD (not Echo Lake Cliffs parking) by 7:00am.
  • DC should be down to car by 7:30. Drive from there to Norumbega Mtn. Parking area. Recharge watch and phone during trip. Refuel/water/food/rest.
  • DC scampers up goat trail to Norumbega-11 summit and back down. It should be a 45 min round trip; then drive DC to Parkman Mtn. entrance across street. DC heads off at 8:30am.
  • DC does Bald Peak-12, Parkman Mtn.-13, Gilmore Peak-14, Sargent Mtn.-15, Penobscot Mtn.-16, Cedar Swamp Mtn.,-17 and Eliot Mtn.-18
  • Pick DC up at Rt. 3. ELIOT MTN TRAILHEAD near Rales home on Rt. 3. Be there at 11:00am; this could be a point where timing is tough, DC should be there between 11:00-12:00am
  • At 11:30 take off from trailhead and drive down Rt. 3 to Day Mtn. Parking. Recharge watch and phone during trip. Refuel/water/food/rest.
  • At 12:30, DC takes off to do Day Mtn.-19, The Triad-20, Pemetic Mtn.-21, South Bubble-22, North Bubble-23, Conners Nubble-24.
  • DC heads off by bike by 3:00 toward Breakneck Ponds, hides bike in spot, Bushwhacks Brewer Mtn.-25, and comes back, rides to Breakneck Ponds, bushwhacks McFarland Mtn.-26 and Youngs Mtn.-27, gets back on bike and rides back to Eagle Lake Parking lot.
  • Pick up DC at Eagle Lake Parking Lot at 5:30pm, and drive to foot of Great Hill.
  • DC bushwhacks up and down Great Hill-28. Pick up DC and drive to Kebo Mtn. trailhead. Drop DC off after recharge/rest/food/water by 6:30pm.
  • DC leaves car for Kebo Mtn.-29 by 7:00pm and then does Dorr Mtn.-30 and Cadillac Mtn.-31. DC drops down to Tarn.
  • Check in on DC at The Tarn Parking lot, he should be there by 9:00pm.
  • DC crosses street and does Huguenot Head-32 and Champlain Mtn.-33, Halfway Mtn.-34, Gorham Mtn.-35, and The Beehive-36,
  • It’s dark. Meet DC at The Beehive trailhead, across from San Beach with bicycle; about 11:30
  • DC rides north to head up and down Enoch Mtn.-37 then rides to ANP Entrance station.. Should be there by 12:30pm.
  • Drive DC to Great Head parking. DC does an out and back of Great Head-38; back by 1:00am
  • Drive DC to Murray Lane trailhead, DC does and out and back of Cranberry Hill-39; back by 1:20am
  • Drive to Bar Harbor. DC crosses the bar (low tide, midnight) and climbs summit of Bar Island Summit-40 by 2:00am.

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