28 Hours of Extraordinary Human Ecology

From 4:10pm on Tuesday, November 18th to 8:10pm on Wednesday, November 19th I moved through human ecological paradise and thought a short photographic essay describing those hours would be well worth the effort.


4:10 PM, 11/18 — The last Human Ecology Forum of Fall Term featured two of my heroes: Eric Jackson and Jessie Stone.  The combined talk spoke to extreme whitewater paddling, malaria eradication in Uganda, and living adventurous lives. Thanks to COA faculty member John Visvader for managing the Human Ecology Forum!


6:00 PM, 11/18 — EJ and my daughter Maggie heading out to dinner at Blaze in Bar Harbor.


8:25 AM, 11/19 — COA faculty member Dave Feldman’s Differential Equations class.  Students presented their final projects over the course of the day.  Here’s COA student Ellie Oldach discussing models of predation in salt marshes.  Stunning work.


9:02 AM, 11/18 — Still in Dave’s class.  Here’s Will Greene, MDI High School Senior, son of the late Craig Greene, great human being.  His work examined population models of deer on MDI.


12:00 PM, 11/19 — Lunch in TAB. Food made and consumed with love.


1:30 PM, 11/19 — That’s COA faculty member Davis Taylor in the foreground, putting his back into it.  ACM today was dedicated to leaves.  What a day.


2:30 PM, 11/19 — Elmer Beal!  Need I say more? Elmer’s first day on the job at COA was September 1, 1972. He’s retiring this year and gave the trimester’s final Human Ecology Core Course general lecture.


5:00 PM, 11/19 — COA faculty member Dru Colbert’s Installation Art class finished off the term with a gallery opening at Artemis Gallery in Northeast Harbor. Spectacular.


6:30 PM, 11/19 — My daughter Molly (on left) presented her final project, “COA’s Composting System,” at Conners-Emerson School, the culmination of an amazing farm-to-school program run by COA students and supervised by COA faculty member Bonnie Tai.

Wow. I need some shut-eye.


One thought on “28 Hours of Extraordinary Human Ecology

  1. Steve Demers says:

    It is a remarkable thing about Human Ecology that when we experience the essence of it threading though our day, or our life,,or our son’s or daughter’s life, we are thrilled and enlivened beyond description. Paradise as you say. Thank you for sharing your bit of mid-November Human Ecology paradise with us. I love it when we are so fortunate to experience those in our day-to-day life as heroes. I mean, really Elmer Beal, Will Greene, Maggie, Molly, Dru, and the rest – How could you get to sleep that night!

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