It didn’t feel too much like Fall today, with a powerful Nor’Easter providing a nice blanket of snow to most of MDI, but yesterday was classic FALL and it was great to enjoy it at Beech Hill’s end-of-the-season event.

There were apples and apple bobbing.  Apparently, the classic bobbing in a big steel bucket has fallen out of favor because of hygiene issues and cold.  I did start to fall back toward the “well, back in the DAY, we stuck our heads in buckets of water and we LIKED it,” but I have to admit that the apple on the tree method was fun.

There was apple tossing, that is, tossing apples to land in hula-hoops which degenerated into smashing apples against trees.  I could feel Todd L-S cringing with every “splat” — sorry Todd.

There was crushing apples in a press.  It’s amazing how kids take to that.  I like it too.  I remember Scott Grierson bringing his apple press to the College in 88-89 and we spent the entire day crushing a pickup truck full of apples.  Awesome.

And of course there was face and hand painting.  Maggie was pulled into the fold and Kayla did a good looking Harry Potter on me.  I think I was the only “adult” with face paint.  It’s always funny once one forgets that one has face paint and begins a conversation with a new friend … curious stares.

And finally, there’s the pigs.  The Beech Hill team has put our four porcine friends in a new field.  They’re looking pretty good to me — still like to eat my feet and definitely love freshly crushed and squeeze apple meat.  And the whole event comes full cycle … apples, smashing apples, face painting, pigs, pigs eating smashed apples…

Apples and Scissors

Molly Bobbing

Tag-team Bobbing

Maggie hand painting

Heinous Potter

She's coming after my feet


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