Faculty Retreat

Mind Map of Faculty Retreat, Day 1

I’ve never been to a faculty retreat until we had ours out at SERC across the harbor.  I felt lucky to have been invited, learned a lot about new ideas and new faculty projects/ideas, and enjoyed our evening wave and star gazing tremendously.  It’s people– students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumni–that make this place great and the interactions among those groups that make our brand of education unique and highly effective.

I put this little sketch together during day one — the boxes represent the seating arrangement (sorry Dru, I spelled your name “Drew”) and the sketches and text in the center are the ideas and phrases that really jumped out at me.  I don’t think there’s much utility in the sketch, but I liked the look of the final product so I thought I’d share it.


2 thoughts on “Faculty Retreat

  1. Darron Collins says:

    You know, most hits I’ve gotten to this blog have been on the home page.

    I’ve had more hits on a particular post today than on any other non home-page posts … I don’t suppose that had anything to do with the title, “Faculty Retreat”??!!

    It was a great event and a great night and there was a great sense of collaboration.

  2. Matt S. says:

    Of course, as students we all wonder what happens there and mostly hear about it’s never productive in the way people would hope.

    The sketch is also great and that could be a reason for so many hits.

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