Aiden Dwyer: Patterns in Trees

Aiden Dwyer.

Sees patterns in trees.  What’s the formula?  Fibonacci sequence — 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 …

The number and ratio appear a lot in the world around us.  Trees. Different trees, different patterns.  Elm, beech 1:2, 1:3 patterns.

Solar tree design schematics — Fibonacci patterns of an oak tree.   Fibonacci pattern — allows tree to track the sun more efficiently.

VC’s now try and friend Aiden on Facebook.

Let’s get this kid up to campus…

 …and make this an oak tree.  Actually, it’s pretty cool looking on its own.


One thought on “Aiden Dwyer: Patterns in Trees

  1. YES. He would be perfect for COA.

    Also, he’s not just a naturalist and scientist, but a builder too. He build that all himself.

    I’ve been hearing a lot about various new ways of doing photovoltaics – such as making them from plastic microfibres laced with pokeberry juice (Phytolacca americana is a common weed found throughout the USA) to achieve 2x the energy output at 1/4 of the cost to make of a silicon-based fuel cell (should go on the market sometime 2012). Science marches on, giving us amazing new ways to make ourselves more energy efficient, but it’s really cool when it comes from turning our eyes back to nature, to emulate our original homes and allies, rather than walking away from it, riding on a space jet into the future. Especially when it comes through the work of an adolescent!

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