Thomas Thwaites – best Pop!tech speaker so far.


“Left to his own devices he (a human being) couldn’t (even) build a toaster.” – Douglass Adams, A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

400 little pieces make up a toaster.

Steel. Mica. Plastic. Copper. Nickel. These are the key ingredients.

Steel: Iron ore. A suitcase full of rocks. Smashed them with a sledge.  Cooked them for a day using a homemade furnace using a leaf blower bellows.  Melted the furnace in process. Then tried microwave — his Mom’s.

Copper: Into a mine. Gathered water and leached copper from water.

Mica. From Scottish Highlands.

Then to BP for plastic.  Unwilling to fly him to an oil rig.  That didn’t work.  Potato starch plastic.  Snails ate it.  Melted his own from discarded plastic and used a mold made out of a tree stump.

Took him 9 months.  He spent about 1100 British Pounds on getting ‘er done.


A new graduation requirement for COA?  It’s certainly got my mind turning on such an idea.

Have a closer look here.


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