Sea-run brook trout in Hunter Brook

Here’s a pretty good article on the subject matter.

In terms of place, I know that I will be in Hunter’s Brook this come late April after the coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) bloom.  Coltsfoot look a lot like dandelions, so don’t be fooled.

Hunter’s Brook is one of my favorite walks on the island, even though it’s only .3 miles long.  It’s a good distance for kids and there’s not a whole lot of grade to tire them out.  I just went down there on this rainy Saturday.  The rain and the high tide
brought salt and fresh water

together nicely, inspiring my quest for sea run brook trout.  But that quest will be pretty much confined to reading until the run begins.

Brookies are by far my favorite fish to fish.  The sea-run brookies are about 10-12 inches and take on a weird iridescence that only slightly obscures their beautiful mottled patterns.  And, according to this article above, these guys will fight like hell (and like a salmon) when caught.


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