Frisbee Golf Course (et al.) on Campus????

Just checking to see if anyone is reading this blog … I kind of feel like I’m writing for myself. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But if someone out there is reading this, would you mind just jotting a note down in one of the ‘comments’ section?

So, anyway, back to the frisbee golf idea. We’ve got ocean, freshwater streams, great hazards, open fields — it seems to me that such terrain would offer a challenging setup. I mentioned it to a colleague here (who will go un-named) and she poo-pooed the idea, but I’m betting the idea will have legs.

And what about our newspaper “Off the Wall” — an outlet for some serious investigative reporting (and other less serious stuff)?

Radio — COA internet radion station? Or old school — WCOA — I’ve done a little bit of internet snooping and it looks like you can get something to throw off a signal with a 1-2 mile radius for just a few hundred dollars. Great physics and circuitry to be learned there, isn’t there?

There — now that should give you some easy fodder to comment on.

I can’t wait for the students to get here…



11 thoughts on “Frisbee Golf Course (et al.) on Campus????

  1. daniellekristim says:

    I love the idea of having a campus radio. Sometimes iTunes sharing just doesn’t cut it. 🙂

  2. Kylee says:

    WCOA old school all the way if possible. Campus radio is a GREAT idea!

  3. Jen says:

    I would LOVE a radio station! My all-time favorite stations have been based at colleges!

  4. Just thought I’d let you know that I have subscribed to your blog. I’ve linked it to Google Reader, so it goes to the place where all the blogs I subscribe to go, for one easy access site. (Now I need to get back into checking Google Reader every day again!)

    Good luck to you in your new journey as COA president. I hope you will find it as rewarding as previous presidents seem to have, and that your activities in this role will be as rewarding for the college as those of previous presidents. Some big shoes to fill, of course, but you will make your own way. Exciting times!

    If you’ve a mind to, check out my blog at . I’ve neglected my blog in the past month, and need to renew the discipline to post weekly – I’m bad! But I post most often about curious facts from 19th Century American history.

    Keep up the good work!

    Sally Morong Chetwynd ’76

  5. doncass Cass says:

    frisbee golf! kaching! great idea – there used to be one on the way to ellsworth that i think folded – maybe we could get their gear…

  6. Julia D. says:

    Darron! I am here and definitely reading. So glad you are keeping a blog. 🙂

  7. lbc1311 says:

    I think radio is a really cool idea. I think disc-golf is too. I don’t know who turned it down, but I wish they could’ve seen how many people were tossing on the small lawn outside Seafox today.

  8. botanicacoa says:

    Darron, that is so great! I am bummed out to be leaving the COA experience right as you are coming in. I look forward to staying in touch and being in the area this winter.

    Luka Negoita ’11

  9. Nick Harris says:

    Frisbee golf for sure!!!

  10. capinetree says:

    I looked into radio for my high school… The FCC makes life hard if you want to legally broadcast (at least in FM) to a good sized community.

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