2nd Post from Presidential Boot Camp @Harvard

Second blog post.

The benefit of writing with my thumb? I get to the point.

I’m here with 50 – count ’em – incoming presidents. I’d guess that a full 75% represent small, private liberal art colleges (the guy from U Kentucky is here, a real outlier, and fun to tease him on how badly the Georgia bulldogs will whip his football team this fall).

There is very serious, very palpable anxiety among that 75% – anxiety about their institutions’ relevance in the coming decades with the rapidly changing sands of higher education.

I can wholeheartedly say that I’m not worried.  And I don’t feel I’m blind or naive.

The fact is that in a world where people are demanding programs that produce creative, highly motivated, problem solving, flexible, thoughtful, broad-based thinkers and doers, we are king. Human ecology is more relevant now than in 1969.  In today’s world, our brand of education is robust and deeply practical.

Ok, I have to get back to class.



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